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When you care about the fitness and consult health expert he will always tell you to tend your focus towards natural sources of food such as food, milk, honey and vegetables. Fruits are considered to be one of the ultimate sources of natural elements that our body needs every day. Generally people are always fascinated to the nasty food and food that tempts but totally lack in nutrition. Fruits give ample amount of water, vitamins, proteins and other natural essential elements. Fruits increases immunity and give strong supply of vitamins. Doesn’t matter how busy you are and you have too much of work load but try to have at least one fruit a day. You can carry food in the bag and eat during working. Along with the fruit must keep attention toward perfect meal and complete nutritional diet.

Though many people suggest having at least one fruit a day, but look at the word “at least”, at least means quantity is not enough. This means logically one fruit is not enough and you must eat more fruits a day to maintain your health. Try to replace other high cholesterol food with fruits step by step and one day you will find yourself more fit than you were a month ago.

Every fruit has its own nutritional property and many fruits are required to be eaten because they help in creating antibodies. Antibodies are the one increase your immunity and keep you secured from various allergies, diseases and infections.

Apple – We always hear one line “An apple a day keeps doctor away” because contents in the apple play important role in healing mechanism of body. Apple is the great source of Iron as everybody know and when you eat an apple every day you give enough amount of Iron to your body and body becomes stronger.

Banana – People suggest having a toffee or chocolate when your hunger kicks your head. Banana is famous for richness of potassium and healthy Carbs contents that gives strong push to metabolism.

Watermelon – Watermelon gives you enough amount of water and also known to be the best natural solution over erection diseases popularly called as “Impotence.

Every fruit has its own property and one can can stay fit and maintain his/her fitness by adding some fruits in daily intake. Fruits are not much costly to avoid and easily available source of vitamins. Keep eating fruit and stay fit.